4 Flooring Types That Are Great for Pets

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Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits are popular household pets, but their nails, claws, and fur can certainly do a number on your floors.

That’s why you need the right flooring type that is great for the pets in your family. Continue reading about some of the best materials to choose from!

Cozy Carpets

Carpets are soft, warm, and cozy. They’re comfortable for humans, cats, and dogs. Unfortunately, pet hair and dander can get lodged in their fibers. And moreover, carpet fibers can harbor bacteria and smells. It’s also difficult to remove every trace from a dog or cat who’s had an accident. Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning will eliminate any bacteria, improve the home’s air quality, and maintain a fresh-looking carpet.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tile flooring looks and works great in every area of the house, from basements to kitchens to bathrooms. The low-cost material is resistant to scratching from sharp nails, and it’s easy to clean. It’s nonabsorbent qualities make it simple to scrub, leaving no trace or odor behind.

Natural Hardwood Flooring

Natural hardwood flooring is also an excellent material for many types of homes and pets. It’s durable, beautiful, and easy to clean.

Some homeowners believe that hardwood floors and pets aren’t a good match. The trick is to sweep regularly and maintain a groomed pet, so the nails don’t damage the wood and the dust bunnies are kept to a minimum. And whenever stains arise, use a barely damp cloth and a wood-safe cleaner to clean the mess.

Engineered Hardwood

If you aren’t ready to take the leap to wood floors, a more affordable flooring option that resembles it is engineered hardwood. You get the look of real hardwood without the worry of your pet’s nails scratching the surface. Another perk is that pet accidents are particularly simple to clean up!

Portland Floor is ready to supply you with the right flooring types that are great for pets! Visit our one-of-a-kind showroom or browse our incredible flooring selections on our website. You’re sure to find gorgeous flooring material that will meet your preferences and withstand the wear and tear of your favorite four-legged friend.

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