Flooring in Portland, OR

There are so many benefits to making your home in Portland, OR. The wonderful diversity of restaurants, bars, art galleries, coffee shops, and music venues makes Portland a vibrant city full of eclectic neighborhoods to explore. There’s plenty of green space for walking and biking, and there are several nearby wilderness areas to enjoy.

Portland is also known for the charm of its housing stock. If you’re lucky enough to have bought a house in this city, or you own a rental property, you know that a big part of your home or apartment building’s attraction is the floor. Whether you prefer hardwood, engineered or laminated wood, low-maintenance luxury vinyl, tile, or carpeting, making the right flooring choice for your house’s aesthetic can affect your home’s value and your comfort.

You’re in luck; Portland Floor is here to help you select, install, and maintain your flooring in Portland, OR, or its nearby suburbs. Don’t be fooled by companies with copycat names: Portland Floor is a family-owned flooring company offering superior customer service. We’re experts in wood and vinyl flooring, carpet, and tile, as well as flooring installation, maintenance, and repair.

We’re so focused on our flooring customers that we completely redesigned our showroom to offer you a “flooring library;” it displays the widest variety of flooring in any color you want. Organizing our showroom by color gives you the opportunity to consider flooring materials you may not have thought about before, including Marmoleum or luxury vinyl tile or planks.

Our full-service approach means that we can handle everything about your new floor for you, from measurements to removing old flooring to the installation of your new floor. Talk to us about the look you want, how you use the room where you’ll be adding a new floor, and the style of your home. We can help you understand the pros and cons of all your flooring choices, including how different types of flooring react to Portland’s changing weather. If you need new flooring, floor repair, or just inspiration, call us or visit our showroom in Central Portland, OR, today!