carpet services

Carpet Services

Portland Floor Carries a Large Selection of Carpets for Every Room, Home or Office – We have Large Showroom that has Carpet Samples that you can Take home to Conceptualize the Colors and Materials for any Project your Working.

Best Discount Carpets in Portland Area!

Some Carpet Materials and Types we Carry in our Portland Location include:

  • Nylon
  • Jute
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • and Many More!

Portland Flooring gives you nothing but the best carpet options on the market. We are regarded as the leading carpet installers in the Portland/Metro Area and our team of experts will help you choose only the best quality carpets. We have a huge selection of popular colors and textures to choose from. When you are looking for new carpeting in your home, condo, loft, townhome or office, we will be able to assist you no matter how big or small the space.

You can be confident that our team of professional designers and installers will complete your project from A-Z with the highest quality of work.

Preparing for your new carpet Installation:

  • Make sure all furniture and other items are removed from the installation area(s).
  • Unplug, remove or cover any electronic or nearby furniture to protect from dust.
  • Be present on installation day to answer any questions the installers may have.
  • Our installers will remove any trim or molding and prepare the subfloor for the installations.
  • Good ventilation for 24-48 hours after installation is recommended.
  • Please talk to your sales agent about having your old carpet removed at time of contract signing.
  • It is common to see loose fibers after installation. Vacuum frequently to remove loose fibers and trim loose fivers with scissors as needed. If you notice any bumps or ripples, please contact your sales agent right away.

Call us or stop by our showroom today to speak to a sales agent and learn more about our easy carpet installation and to look at our large selection of quality carpet options!