Flooring Installation in Portland, OR

Portland Floor not only sells flooring and countertops, but we also provide flooring installation in Portland, OR, offering the best service possible for your installation needs. Our team of expert service professionals and flooring contractors in Portland is trained in handling the most complex situations to meet every client’s needs and design concepts.

We are proud to offer special discounts to customers who purchase their flooring products from us and would like us to install the product in their desired space. The process for our floor installation service is simple, fast, and easy. Our design team will help you get off on the right foot and remove any old flooring, carpets, vinyl, or tiles before we start on the new installation!

Some of the services we offer:

Hardwood Flooring Installation, Refinishing, Repair

Below, you’ll find some of the Portland, OR flooring installation services we offer for hardwood flooring, including installation of hardwood, bamboo, engineered flooring, and more. We also can fix wood floors that have suffered water damage, cracking, wear and tear, scuffs, and fading. Need to refinish your wood floors or sand/stain them? We can do it all!

Hardwood Installation


Sand & Finish

Wood Repair



Tile Installation

We offer a wide variety of tiles in our showroom. What better way is there to get your tile installed than to use the folks you bought it from? Portland Floor has a full crew of experienced tile installers that are ready to tackle any job or project quickly and efficiently!


Installing a countertop is not easy—they are heavy, oddly shaped (most of the time), and very delicate. We have a large crew of technicians who can safety transport, deliver, and install any type of countertop you have or are looking to purchase! We take extensive precautions to ensure that your countertop (regardless of the material of the countertop) arrives intact and is protected from damage during installation.

Concrete Polishing

Want a smooth finish on your concrete floors in your home, garage, basement, or commercial office? Give us a call for a competitive (and surprisingly affordable) bid!

Carpet Installation

Our carpet installation techs will have your old carpets removed and new ones installed without much effort on your end—there’s same-day service available depending on your project size and materials being used!