Demolition can be messy. That’s why Portland Floor provides floor removal and demolition services: to streamline the process and take care of the mess for you. One of the most common factors that causes project delays is the removal of preexisting materials at the location. So often we hear our customers’ stories of projects that begin with excitement and energy but stall and fail to progress due to complications during demolition.

At heart it sounds easy: tear down and break away all the old stuff to make way for the new stuff. But if you do demolition ineffectively, without expertise and care, it can lead to a whole world of problems and hang-ups for your project. No matter what type of flooring you currently have in place, we here at Portland Floor will do the job gets well, and we’ll leave you with a blank canvas for your next project. After all, we believe you shouldn’t have to be slowed down by all the prep work of a project; when you’re motivated, you should be able to get right into it!

Whether you come in or give us a call, we’ll get to know your project idea and what work you will need done to get ready and cleaned up before your project begins. Our floor removal and demolition services work won't begin until we have an idea of the scope of the demolition needed and how many kinds of flooring we need to remove.

If there’s just one type of flooring, we will base our demolition quote off the square footage that you need to have demolished plus general labor pricing. Come chat with us today to get your flooring demolition plan in place as soon as possible so you can get moving on your next project—or let us handle that one too. Whatever works for you!