Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Portland, OR

Completely replacing hardwood flooring isn’t always necessary. Many times, you can salvage an old or damaged floor with a thorough sand and refinish. At Portland Floor, we offer the highest-quality hardwood floor refinishing in Portland, OR. We often see customers who have moved into a new home, only to discover that the floors need some work. There might be great bones to them, but they’ve lost their shine, or the color is outdated. There may even be substantial surface damage. No matter what the need is for the floor, our finishers do everything in their power to preserve the existing hardwood flooring before discussing new floors. Sometimes all that’s involved is sanding the hardwood down and staining it a different color or just doing a hardwood refinishing job to bring back the shine and life of the wood itself. These simple upkeep tasks bring new life to pre-installed hardwood flooring.

Other companies tend to write off older hardwood flooring just to get you to spend your hard-earned money on a brand-new hardwood flooring product. Here at Portland Floor, we feel it is such a crime to condemn a classic hardwood floor that could probably tell you some amazing stories. But we know that it isn't any fun having a beat-up or old-looking floor that doesn’t do justice to the beauty of an older home. So, no matter what color you may want to restain your floor, or if you just need some scratches and dents sanded out, we will do our best for your current flooring.

Often, our customers ask why they can't just purchase some polish or floor cleaner instead of using a service like ours. The fact of the matter is that, depending on the age of the floor, scratches, scuffs, and general damage buildup over time, putting a sealer or polish over the top of these imperfections is just going to make them more noticeable. With our hardwood floor refinishing service, we’ll take that top layer off and sand out the imperfections. When we seal the surface with our refinishing agents, the color and texture will look brand new.

We Can Handle all types of Flooring Refinishing, Repairs and Restorations including:

  • Refinishing
  • Sanding
  • Board replacement
  • Floor Leveling
  • Scratch/Ding repair
  • Squeaks
  • Pet Urine and Odor Neutralization Treatment and more!

Our team of skilled contractors will come to your location to examine the area(s) that need to be repaired or restored and will provide you with a detailed recommendation for the repairs. You can be confident that the repairs will be done correctly and to match the original flooring as close as possible.

Call us today to speak to a flooring specialist and let Portland Floor be your trusted floor refinishing company!