4 Tips for Staining Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are the pinnacle of elegance for homeowners, but dented, scratched, and worn-down finishes aren’t appealing. That’s where refinishing hardwood floors comes in handy. Sanding away the previous finish to reveal the natural wood allows you to start anew. Consider these tips for staining your hardwood floors before embarking on this project.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Current Hardwood Floors

Sanding the finish and staining the hardwood is cost-effective, but the flooring must be in good condition. Unlevel, rotten, or warped hardwood is not ready for staining. Poor-quality flooring requires a replacement rather than a new finish.

Determine the Type of Flooring Before Staining

Softwood is like a blank canvas—the open cell structure allows the wood to soak up the stain. When applied evenly, the stain will provide the finish you desire. On the other hand, hardwood has a tighter grain that won’t absorb stain as easily. Maple and oak don’t soak up stain very well, so determine the kind of hardwood flooring in your home before choosing a stain. Available stains include water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, and moisture-cure urethane.

Consider the Wood Tones Throughout the House

Flooring is the foundation of each room, literally and figuratively. A great tip for staining hardwood floors is considering the wood tones around the house. Are you forgoing refinishing the flooring in the dining room? Does your furniture look best with dark wooden legs? Ask yourself which wood tone will contribute to your desired aesthetic to really pull together your interior design.

Request Help When You Need It

Although it’s gratifying to accomplish a project on your own, seeking help when staining hardwood is often the best way to go. You don’t want to make a mistake, damage the floors, or increase the cost of refinishing them.

Contact a trustworthy hardwood floor refinishing service like Portland Floor. Our team understands your aspirations of perfection. We’ll fix up any preexisting dents or scratches, sand the current finish, deep clean the floors, and add the stain of your choice.

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