6 Carpet Trends To Try in Your Home in 2022

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With each passing year comes a slew of new trends to try in just about every industry possible—this is no different for homeowners. If you’re replacing the old carpets in your home in 2022, consider what buyers are choosing right now to boost the appeal of your house. Dive into the popular carpeting options with us. Who knows—you may find your new flooring.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles were primarily used in hotels or restaurants because you could easily remove a section of the floor and replace it with a new tile. Slowly, this trend is getting integrated into the home setting because homeowners will have an easier time replacing portions of the carpet stained from spills or pets. This is a great option when you want to test a piece of carpet in the house before purchasing an entire room worth of material.

Eco-Friendly or Natural Fibers

Many consumers are making a conscious effort to purchase more eco-friendly items. One of the most popular carpet trends for homes in 2022 is carpets made from sustainable natural fibers, like wool, seagrass, or jute. Wool carpets might be a less affordable option—still, they would make a difference in your home because the material is durable and both hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial.

3D Textured Carpet

Do not fret; we aren’t talking about shag carpet when we say “3D,” but other options are making a comeback this year. A highly textured carpet keeps the room from looking dull or mundane. If your main concern is finding a material with texture, focus on that aspect instead of choosing something colorful—keep it natural so the texture is the main attraction.

Warm Earth Tones

Are you cultivating a cozy environment in your home? Select a carpet that has warm earth tones to achieve this aesthetic. These colors include warm browns or tans, olive green, and a terracotta hue. Colors play a major role in our moods. Having these hues in your house will offer a sense of comfort that will keep you grounded and relaxed.

Bold Patterns

On the other end of the spectrum, some homeowners are choosing materials that have more of a bold pattern. This type of carpet can give personality to an otherwise more neutral space in the home. If your style is more maximalist, you may love a vibrant pattern that makes a room feel more eclectic.

Plush Carpets

By far, plush carpets are the most comfortable to walk on. This timeless material will not leave the carpet trend anytime soon because it gives any room a more elegant appeal while being extremely pleasant to walk on.

Once you find the right carpet for your home, contact Portland Floor for carpet installation in Portland, OR. This is a great way to completely transform your house’s look and feel. Rip up your old carpets and lay down something new and trendy.

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