6 Things To Do Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

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6 Things To Do Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Dull and discolored hardwood floors littered with scratches—it’s time to bring them back to life. Not every home renovation consists of ripping up boards and installing new flooring. If your current hardwood floors are in good decent condition but need extra care, you may be able to refinish them.

Here are six things you need to do before refinishing your hardwood floors to ensure your home is ready for this incredible update.

Remove Any Breakables or Valuables

Refinishing hardwood floors is an intensive process. The last thing you want is an item damaged along the way. Move any breakables or valuables stored in cabinets to a safe location in the house. You don’t want to run the risk of losing any precious items when the professionals arrive to refinish the floors.

Unplug All Electronics

Gaming systems, TVs, computers, lamps, and so much more! Unplug all electronics before moving the furniture from the room. While it will be tedious to plug in and reconfigure each electronic item again, it’s necessary to do before refinishing your hardwood floors.

Find a Safe Place To Move the Furniture

Now that your breakable items are safely put away and the electronics are unplugged, you can start moving the furniture. The floors need to be completely clear before a professional company can start their work.

The garage, basement, or any room without hardwood is a good place to move the furniture. You can safely store all your furniture while the renovation takes place.

Decide if the Floors Need Sanding

Sanding isn’t always a necessary step for refinishing hardwood floors. Most hardwood floors can be sanded up to eight times during their lifespan, but it’s not always an essential step. If your floors have surface-level scratches, a buffer and a couple of coats of finishing will work perfectly! Sanding is intended for floors with more impairments to bring a new layer of wood to the surface.

Tape off Vents and Doorways

If you decide sanding is a must, remember to tape off all vents and doorways. Sanding sends heaps of dust into the air. Use plastic sheets and tape to cover all areas where the dust particles could sneak into. This effective method protects airways and keeps your home clean during the process.

Pick a Color

Choosing a color and finish is one of the most important final steps. You’ll have to stick with your hardwood floors for many years, so pick a timeless color like brown maple, ash, birch, hickory, and white oak.

Choose a Finish

The final finish will sit atop the color. Finishes range from matte to high gloss. Most homeowners avoid high gloss because it’s challenging to maintain and highlights scuffs and scratches like no other!

The two most popular finishes are matte and satin. A matte finish hides scratches well but doesn’t provide much luster. Satin has a great shine while hiding scratches.

Another option that isn’t as popular—but still gorgeous—is a semi-gloss finish. With its stronger shine, you’ll notice a reflection in the flooring and more scratches on the surface.

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