Laminate Flooring Care & Maintenance Tips

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Laminate flooring is a multilayer synthetic product fused through a lamination process. This unique floor requires very different upkeep compared to its counterparts. Follow these laminate flooring care and maintenance tips for the best quality laminate in your home.

Use the Right Tools

You should clean laminate floors with non-abrasive materials and non-acidic chemicals. We suggest that you use cleaning products that indicate that their purpose is for use on laminate flooring. Using abrasive scrubbers can scratch the laminate and leave it dull and unappealing.

Dry Mop Daily

Use a soft dry mop head to clean your floors daily or weekly. A mop with no additional cleaning ingredients keeps the floors clean without scratches or dents. This technique picks up unwanted dust and particles yet still cleans the floor safely.

Clean Up Messes Immediately

When you leave stains or spills on laminate, they can do lots of harm. Laminate floors don’t do well with water, and you must keep exposure to moisture at a minimum. If you plan a messy activity, place newspaper or plastic down on the floor to protect it and make your cleanup easier.

Protect the Floors With Rugs & Mats

If your flooring runs to the entryways, place a doormat down to protect the floors. The doormat will collect any dirt or dust before it can enter the house. You can also place large area rugs in spots that could be more prone to messes.

Keep a Cleaning Schedule

The last laminate flooring care and maintenance tip is to keep a cleaning routine. If you recently purchased laminate flooring in Portland, Oregon, you should get on a cleaning schedule right away. This will ensure that the floors will stay in pristine condition.

Laminate can be tricky to keep clean but is an excellent alternative to wood flooring. The flooring will never have an issue if you keep it clean and dry. Use the right products, and your laminate should last many years.

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