Luxury Tile vs. Traditional Tile: What’s the Difference?

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There are plenty of flooring materials to pick from, which can make a flooring project suddenly become an overwhelming burden!

It’s time to get a clear picture of some of the best materials on the market that’ll complete your home. To get started on your home renovation, find out the difference between luxury tiles and traditional tiles.

Luxury Tiles

Luxury tiles consist of several layers for a durable and elegant finish. Vinyl is a cost-effective and resilient material. That’s why luxury tiles are among the most popular choices for residential properties. The easy-to-clean and difficult-to-scratch surface makes them perfect for harsh weather conditions, playful pets and children, and high-traffic areas.

The bottom or backing layer is vinyl for structural stability. Then, there’s a core layer of high-density fiberboard to provide additional support. The material has a high-definition printed picture on the top layer to give the luxury tile a sumptuous appearance.

Luxury tiles can look as posh as natural hardwood floors. They mimic the appearance of high-end materials at a fraction of the cost. Whether you desire a finish with significant wood grain characteristics or a more subtle appearance, luxury vinyl tiles can work for you.

Traditional Tiles

Traditional tiles consist of natural materials like clay. The material undergoes shaping and kiln-firing at high temperatures to create a sturdy, dense tile.

These tiles may be unglazed, showcasing their natural texture and color, or they may receive glaze before the final firing. The glaze is a form of liquid glass that adds a decorative and protective layer to the tiles, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and resistance to water, stains, and wear.

Entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms are some of the most common areas where you'll find traditional tiles installed. The material's water resistance and ability to withstand high-foot traffic make them a wonderful choice throughout the house.

Traditional tiles also offer an extensive variety of styles to complement the home’s design. Porcelain tiles will provide a minimalistic and modern look.

Other tiles feature hand-painted designs or embossed patterns for an artisanal touch. The versatility of traditional tiles is what makes them a desired material for various elements of the home.

Which Material Is Right for Your Home?

Although luxury tiles and traditional tiles are different, the good news is that you can have both materials installed in your house! There’s no rule saying you must use a singular flooring material throughout the space. You can choose to buy LVP flooring for the main living area or the basement and complete the design with traditional tiles in the bathrooms or entryway.

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