The 5 Most Popular Types of Flooring To Consider

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The 5 Most Popular Types of Flooring To Consider

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, a major decision is what type of flooring you’ll put in each room. Here are the five most popular types of flooring to consider and where they might work best in your home.

Tile for Bathrooms

Water resistance is obviously critical in bathrooms. Durability is also a consideration, as bathrooms get lots of traffic. Porcelain tile is touch and scratch resistant and can look like natural stone. Tile is also a popular choice for kitchens and outdoor areas.

Vinyl for Kitchens

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the days of single-sheet rolls. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring now closely mimic the look of hardwood. But vinyl also has the benefits of water resistance, easy maintenance, and easy installation.

Hardwood for Living Rooms

Hardwood flooring adds natural beauty and warmth to any room, but it’s most common in living and family rooms. You can select from various wood species and stains. A top benefit of hardwood is that you can have it refinished. So if you want to change the color, you can. Hardwood is more prone to scratches, and it doesn’t handle humidity well. So consider your local climate and the moisture levels in your home before choosing hardwood.

Although it’s possible to install hardwood yourself, you should use a professional floor installation service for the best results. Professionals know that hardwood needs to become used to your home’s temperature and humidity levels before installation. They also know how to properly sand, stain, and seal it.

Carpet for Bedrooms

Most people like to ease into the day. Stepping out of bed directly onto a cold tile or hardwood floor is sure to wake you up, but maybe not in the best way. Choose carpet when you need a softer, more cushioned floor surface. Carpet does tend to gather dust and allergens, though. Therefore, regular vacuuming is necessary.

Laminate for Rec Rooms

Laminate flooring is a good choice when you don’t want to spend lots of money but still want the room to look nice. Laminate construction overlays particleboard with a thin layer of wood or an image of wood covered with a plastic coating. Laminate is easy to install, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. But it does tend to sustain damage due to moisture. And if you don’t install a foam underlayment, walking across it can make a funky, hollow sound.

Ultimately, the type of flooring you choose depends on your home’s style and your taste and budget. The good news is that these five most popular types of flooring to consider provide enough variety that you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and your budget.

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