Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Perfect for Pet Owners

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Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Perfect for Pet Owners

Do you have a pet that gets the zoomies when they’re happy, but it scratches up your floors? Or maybe they happy-pee when you come home from work. As pet owners, we love our animals and would do anything for them, including swapping out the floors in our home to better accommodate their needs. Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for pet owners—and here’s why.

Waterproof—Or Should We Say Urine-Proof?

The top layer of your vinyl flooring is waterproof and can help prevent moisture from penetrating the material. We all love having a puppy around because they’re adorable and cuddly, but unfortunately, they have many accidents within the home. If your pet has an accident on your vinyl, the urine will not damage the floor because it will not soak in, allowing you to easily clean up the mess with towels and a quick mopping.

Say Bye-Bye To Scratches From Nails

Again, the top layer of this flooring is highly durable and therefore scratch resistant too. Cutting the nails on your pet can be difficult, especially when they’re squirming around because they’re scared of the clippers. If you happen to miss your monthly nail clippings, your pet will not scratch up your floors.

Maintenance-Free Floor for a High-Maintenance Pet

Do you despise cleaning and scrubbing your floors? Luxury vinyl flooring is virtually maintenance-free and requires no special care to keep the floor in top condition. The only thing you need to worry about is the pesky pet hair that accumulates in the crevices of your home. Now instead of taking an hour to clean your floors, you can spend that time playing or walking your high-energy dog—it’s a win-win for you and your pet!

Same Glamorous Look at an Appealing Price

Hardwood floors are the most popular flooring you will find in homes today, but pets can damage them. Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for pet owners who appreciate the look of hardwood because the aesthetic will feel the same. Achieve the same glamorous look with vinyl and save money at the same time due to it being a more affordable option.

The vinyl flooring available at Portland Floor comes in various patterns and colors, so you can find one that matches your preferences. By choosing this flooring option, your house can still feel luxurious, even if Max the husky has a few accidents. If you’re a pet owner, consider this flooring option for your home.

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