3 Tips for Creating Your Flooring Budget

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Every home needs an update as time passes. While walking through each room, you might notice that the flooring no longer holds up.

Before running out and buying flooring to install on a whim, take the time to plan out the renovation. The first step is to create a budget. Continue reading these tips when creating a flooring budget so you know what to expect from this home renovation!

Understand the Cost per Square Foot of Each Material

Every flooring material comes at a different price. You can generally pay a minimum of $5 per square foot up to $20. However, most flooring materials range between $10 to $15 per square foot.

High-end flooring materials include natural stone, solid hardwood, and luxury vinyl tiles. They often cost more per square foot. Carpeting, laminate, and linoleum are more affordable yet incredible flooring choices to choose from!

Pick out your top two or three preferences. Then, measure the size of the rooms you’d like to update. Since the square footage determines the cost of the flooring itself, adding up the cost of the material and the space for various scenarios can help you approximate. Establish the minimum and maximum flooring costs to give yourself a budget estimate.

Establish Which Rooms Need New Flooring

Not every room needs new flooring. Perhaps the carpets in the bedrooms are in great condition, but the kitchen, living room, and entryway have chipped and faded flooring that needs replacing.

Thoroughly examine the flooring of each room in the house. Create a vision for what you want the home to look like. If you cannot afford to replace the flooring in every room, prioritize the most valuable spaces. After pairing the average cost per square foot with how much space in the house needs new flooring, you’re on the right track to finalizing your budget.

Make Room for Additional Services and Products

When creating your flooring budget, another helpful tip to remember is to make room in the budget for unexpected occurrences. An issue may arise as the flooring installation company starts the project. Maybe there’s a foundational complication or you need new padding installed below the flooring. Now, the timeline extends, the labor costs increase, and you must purchase additional products for the repair.

It’s absurd to consider cutting corners during flooring installation. Properly installed flooring is the foundation of a safe and secure home. Establish room within the budget for these unforeseen problems to prepare yourself for potential mishaps.

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