Matching Kitchen Floors With Cabinets and Countertops

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Every kitchen remodel is different. Maybe you want to paint the cabinets, replace outdated flooring, or update old countertops. No matter where you begin, there’s a way to seamlessly match the kitchen floors with the cabinets and countertops.

Popular Flooring Materials

There are many flooring options to choose from, but which ones are some of the best?


The sturdy and sleek appearance of tile is one of the most desired types of flooring for kitchens. It’s easy to clean up after spills. It also has a timeless appearance that will last as the years go by.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is the ultimate traditional flooring material. It’s the foundation of many kitchens and generates a timeless aesthetic.

You can find high-quality hardwood flooring in Portland, Oregon, at Portland Floor! Because there’s a wide variety of shades and wood is durable, you’re sure to find your ideal flooring to complete your kitchen.


Laminate flooring can provide the appearance of hardwood without additional maintenance. Its water resistance and color variety make it a favored choice among homeowners. Additionally, it’s more affordable than solid hardwood, so you can save money while achieving a high-end look.

Popular Flooring Shades

The flooring materials aren’t the only features you must consider. The shade of the flooring plays a key role in transforming the kitchen’s appearance.

Most kitchen floors are dark brown, light brown, gray, white, or ivory. The neutral tones allow homeowners to incorporate the colors into other elements within the kitchen. Choosing the right flooring shade will establish a cohesive design that makes the kitchen feel exquisite!

A Couple of Design Tips To Follow

As you’re planning how to remodel your kitchen and find elements to perfectly match your flooring, keep these helpful tips in mind!

Creating Contrast

One of the best ways to match the features throughout the kitchen is to develop contrasting colors. Many homeowners adore the monochromatic look. However, you need more than one hue to create depth.

When creating a color scheme for the kitchen, establish two or three colors. Two colors act as the primary colors. They’re the focus of the kitchen. Perhaps you pair white vinyl tiles with dark gray cabinets and white countertops. In this case, the two colors make the space feel complete.

The third color acts as an accent. If you love the sleek and modern white kitchen, you can bring in some dark brown elements. You can pair dark wood flooring with white kitchen cabinets. Then, you can use black as the accent color for the countertops and hardware. This seamlessly establishes a cohesive color scheme that adds contrast and balance.

Adding Texture

Pairing colors isn’t the only way to match kitchen floors to your cabinets and countertops. You can add interest to the space by incorporating textured elements.

For monochromatic kitchens, the texture is a way to break up the space and add dimension. An example is how dark hardwood flooring is the way to go with white cabinets and countertops! On the flip side, you can also create texture through patterned countertops with neutral flooring and cabinetry.

The pairing possibilities are endless! When you take the time to plan which colors, textures, and materials will make the biggest impact, you’re on your way to developing the kitchen of your dreams.

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