4 Most Widely Believed Myths About Carpeting

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4 Most Widely Believed Myths About Carpeting

Whether carpet is suitable for homes has long been a discussion and concern for homeowners. With many widely believed myths about carpeting, it can be tricky to determine what is true and what is a lie. Keep reading to learn more about the lies you could be believing, so you can have a clearer opinion on whether carpet is suitable for your home.

Carpet Intensifies Allergy Symptoms

Many people with allergies might think they need to steer clear of carpeting in homes because it can intensify their allergy symptoms by trapping and accumulating dust and pollen. However, this is untrue. While the carpet does trap these allergens, it actually immobilizes and keeps them from circulating throughout your home—which can help lower the number of allergy symptoms you might be feeling.


Vacuuming can stir up these allergens, so consider placing a HEPA filter on your vacuum to help keep the dust and pollen from kicking up.

Carpeting Is Manufactured With Formaldehyde

One of the most widely believed myths about carpeting is that it is manufactured with formaldehyde. This statement might have been true before the 1970s when the chemical was used as a resin hardener. However, currently, no manufacturer is using formaldehyde in the production of carpeting. If you’re worried you have carpet older than the 70s, don’t worry, the chemical has likely dissipated and is no longer present in the carpet.

Carpet Can Grow Mold

For mold to grow, three factors must be present in the environment: a food source, moisture, and appropriate temperatures. If you look at this situation from another angle, mold can grow anywhere in your home. It can grow on your walls, furniture, clothing, and more, as long as the perfect conditions are present. While many items in your home can provide a food source, mold will not grow unless moisture is present.

So, if you do find mold growing on your carpet, this isn’t an issue with your flooring; there is an issue with excess moisture accumulating in your home.

Carpeting is High Maintenance

Just as you would need to maintain and clean your hardwood floor, the same is true for carpets and all other forms of flooring. The work you put into keeping your carpet clean is no different from the amount of work you put into cleaning your tile, vinyl, or other floors. Vacuuming once a week and spot-cleaning stains and spills are sufficient to keep the carpet free from dirt, stains, and other damage.

As you can see, carpeting is not as horrible as you might think. Don’t believe all the myths you find online or hear from friends. Consider a carpet installation service with Portland Floor today to transform your home!

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