The Top 5 Flooring Mistakes New Homeowners Make

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The Top 5 Flooring Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Choosing new flooring for your home might seem like an easy thing to do. However, new homeowners may make a few flooring mistakes in this process. Consider the mistakes we discuss in this article so you can prevent yourself from making them when you install new floors in your house.

Not Including Installation Fees

Generally, someone other than the homeowner is installing the floor in your home. When you purchase flooring, you could forget to include installation fees in your budget. The cost of placing these floors in your home through a professional service will depend on how many square feet you’re installing and how long it will take to complete. When you’re making a budget, include installation fees!

Choosing Price Over Quality

Don’t decide on a flooring option because the price is unbeatable. Chances are the floor is low-quality, and you’ll need to repair or reinstall new floors quicker than if you took the time to purchase a higher-quality floor at a slightly higher price. Do keep in mind your budget, but ensure you’re choosing a floor that will last you for many years.

Selecting the Wrong Flooring for a Room

If you’re covering multiple rooms in your home, remember that not every flooring will work. For example, carpeting in the kitchen wouldn’t be wise when more messes take place in that room—instead, hardwood or vinyl flooring in Portland, Oregon, from Portland Floor would be the smarter choice. Consider the kind of foot traffic and activities that will take place in the room to ensure your replacement flooring is durable and appropriate.

Forgetting a Warranty

Warranties are great to have because if anything were to happen to your floor in the coming years, it would be covered. However, you must have proof of purchase in order to take advantage of this! Not all manufacturers offer a warranty, but if this is something you wish to utilize in the future, find a floor that comes with this option.

Attempting a DIY Installation

While it is possible to install particular flooring yourself, such as snap-together wood flooring, in most cases, hiring a contractor is your best option. Your floors will look more professional when you utilize a contractor, and there will be fewer impurities and mistakes. Some scenarios might require special tools that you do not have at your disposal—in the end, if you’re a new homeowner, don’t make this flooring mistake and hire a professional contractor.

If you’re in the market for new flooring, keep the above mistakes in mind, so you can prevent issues from occurring. What kind of flooring are you looking to install? Consider browsing through our selections at Portland Floor for the best match for your preferences!

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