Hardwood Flooring 101: The Basics of Floor Care

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Hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to homes. They cultivate an inviting and elegant ambiance that other materials can’t quite replicate. Learning the basics of floor care for hardwood flooring before installation is necessary. It will prepare you for protecting the longevity of this natural material. Use this guide to understand the maintenance obligations for a dazzling foundation in every room.

1. Daily Sweeping To Eliminate Dust

Daily sweeping is at the forefront of hardwood floor care. Dust, pet hair, crumbs, and other substances can act as abrasive materials that damage and dull hardwood over time.

Combat this with a simple household broom with soft bristles. Sweep each area of the house, especially focusing on the entry points where you and other members of your household often track in debris.

2. Monthly Mopping for Sparkling Floors

Sweeping is a great way to maintain your floors, but mopping offers a much-needed deep cleaning for hardwood floors. A microfiber mop head is especially gentle on surfaces. Then, create a mixture of ½ cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water.

Vinegar is naturally acidic, so it’s ideal for eliminating dirt and grime. You can easily clean up any messes resting on the surface with this mixture when mopping.

Wring out the mop head well and begin mopping with the wood grain. A little bit of the solution goes a long way.

3. Floor Protectors for the Furniture

Heavy furniture is a common culprit of dented and scratched hardwood floors. A simple preventative solution is to add floor protectors onto the base of each furniture piece.

Felt pads, rubber caps, and caster cups will serve as a sufficient protective barrier. These evenly distribute the furniture’s weight and eliminate direct contact with the floor. As a result, the floors are less likely to suffer from dreaded scratches and dents.

4. Area Rugs for Further Protection

Artisans and manufacturers don’t solely design rugs for décor. Their aesthetic appeal extends to protecting your hardwood flooring.

The basics of hardwood floor care prevent dents, scratches, and stains. Rugs serve as a barricade absorbing the impact of chairs, tables, and feet to limit wear beneath.

Consider high-traffic areas that may require special protection before installation. Area rugs and runners are especially effective for prolonging the quality and character of your floors.

Prepare To Install Hardwood Floors With Portland Floor

Don’t allow these flooring care requirements to deter you from choosing hardwood! It’s a long-lasting material with timeless charm and manageable maintenance.

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