Top 3 Benefits of Professional Carpet Installation Services

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Top 3 Benefits of Professional Carpet Installation Services

During the rainy season, there’s nothing cozier than the feel of soft carpeting underfoot. Plus, it provides insulation, reduces noise, and adds texture to your home. What’s not to like?

If your carpet has seen better days, it might be time to replace it. The only question is, should you attempt a DIY project or call a pro? Reviewing the top three benefits of professional carpet installation services will help you make the right choice for your home.

Ensures Proper Installation

Professional installers learn how to lay carpet correctly through specialized training. They know how to handle different materials like nylon, wool, and jute. Carpet installation contractors can spot issues with the subfloor and make repairs before they put down the carpet.

If you attempted to install carpeting yourself, you’d need to buy or rent the necessary tools. A knee kicker, a seam iron, and a utility knife are just a few of the tools required for laying carpet. A professional installer knows how to use each of these tools safely and efficiently to produce high-quality results.

Increases Carpet Longevity

High-quality carpet can last for a decade or more with proper installation and cleaning. Bumps and ripples can appear if you don’t correctly stretch the carpet, which is why it’s a common DIY mistake. Carpeting with ripples is much harder to vacuum and will lead to premature and uneven wear.

Proper installation makes your carpet more secure and durable. Flooring companies often guarantee that they’ll return to fix installation issues within a certain time frame.

Saves Time and Effort

Hiring an expert installer will save you time, effort, and the frustration of managing a DIY project. Laying carpet, or any type of flooring for that matter, is strenuous work that has a steep learning curve. You probably don’t want to spend your limited leisure time learning how to install carpet. If you make a mistake, you might have to pay a professional anyway. Plus, some flooring companies include carpet removal in their installation fee, which will also save you time and money.

While some DIY projects can be rewarding, some are better left to the professionals. There are lots of reasons to hire a pro, but these are the top three benefits of professional carpet installation services. If you'd like to update your carpeting, Portland Floor can help. Our team is happy to help you on your home improvement journey!

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