Why You Should Deep Clean Your Carpets Regularly

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Is your carpet a completely different color compared to the day you first installed it? Do you notice strange odors in rooms with carpet but nothing peculiar in rooms with hardwood floors?

Soiled, dirty carpets are the perpetrators of this predicament. Caring for your home’s carpets is more crucial than you know. Read through the reasons why you should regularly deep clean your carpets, and find the solution you’ve been looking for!

Eliminate Bacteria Embedded in the Fibers

Though you spot clean stains, you never know what bacteria lingers. Thoroughly cleaning carpets on your own is difficult. You’ll need to deep clean the entire carpet to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Heavy-duty carpet cleaning machines pair hot water with a powerful cleaning solution for this process. The wet vacuum adds the cleaning solution while extracting bacteria or contaminants left behind.

Remove Awful Odors From the Carpet

Has your dog ever had an accident on the carpet? No matter how many cleaning solutions you used or how much baking soda you applied, the smell never left.

Children, pets, and adults are all guilty of causing messes around the house. All sorts of stains can linger in carpets, no matter how much you try to eliminate them. Bacteria and mold can spread within the fibers and emit various odors when stains aren’t completely cleaned.

You should regularly deep clean your carpets! Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will wipe out any bacteria, mold, and all the terrible smells accompanying them.

Improve Air Quality Throughout the House

Bacteria and odors aren’t the only culprits of poor air quality in your home. Leaving doors and windows open or tracking dirt and pollen on shoes can bring allergens into the house. Before you know it, pollen is stuck to the carpet, and allergies worsen for everyone in your family. Scheduling a carpet cleaning to improve the air quality in your home and manage seasonal allergies.

Create a Pleasantly Clean Living Space

A clean room clears the mind. You’ll feel more at peace and are more likely to enjoy a space when it’s clean. Allowing carpet stains to build up can make you feel revolted by your own home. Instead of being unhappy with dirty and grimy carpets, you can feel happy with freshly deep-cleaned carpets.

Prolong the Carpet’s Lifespan

The professional removal of stains, dust, dirt, bacteria, and pet hair from the carpets’ fibers can make carpets last longer. Rather than worry about the carpet’s lifespan, enjoy its beauty for up to 15 years! Your carpet will withstand the demands of everyday life when you take care of it.

Perhaps you’ve tried regular deep cleaning, and your carpets are beyond repair. In that case, it’s time to contact a carpet installation contractor like Portland Floor. Choose from high-quality carpeting materials like nylon, wool, and polyester that will look wonderful in your home!

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