What Types of Flooring Can Make a Room Look Bigger?

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As you look around a room in your house, you may notice that it feels crowded. If you’re struggling to identify the cause of the congested atmosphere, there’s a solution to your predicament that won’t break the bank.

It’s time to change the perception of your home without an intensive remodel! Read more about the types of flooring that can make a room look bigger.

Large Tiles

Smaller rooms don’t mean you must have small tiles too. In fact, larger tiles will make even the smallest areas feel bigger. Luxury vinyl tiles or planks are popular types of flooring that are easy to find in larger sizes.

Large tiles are most common in sizes of 12 inches by 24 inches or 18 inches by 36 inches. When you’re shopping to buy LVP flooring, keep this in mind before choosing a style. If making the room appear larger is your goal, head to Portland Floor. We have a variety of selections to satisfy your needs.

Wide Planks

You may be interested in installing hardwood flooring. The most effective way to enlarge a room is to use wide planks. This strategy resembles the method of using large luxury vinyl tiles or planks. Smaller hardwood planks visually shrink the room. They’re more noticeable and draw attention to how small the room really is.

To avoid this issue, choose wide-plank hardwood floors. Most wide planks are between 6 to 10 inches. In some cases, the planks may even extend to a foot in width. See how the varying widths of different samples appear to ensure you choose the proper size.

Diagonal Patterns

The next strategy you can consider implementing is installing a diagonal flooring pattern. Diagonal patterns add more interest to the floor. They draw the eyes into the center of the space and create an illusion of a bigger room as a result.

When arranging square tiles, place them in a diamond position. On the other hand, a crisscross pattern is more engaging when using long planks and makes the room feel wider.

Contrasting Colors

Many people associate large, open rooms with light colors like white. The modern kitchen often has white cabinets, walls, and flooring that looks open and bright. But using one color throughout a space isn’t the only way to make a room feel bigger.

Contrasting colors is one of the most important methods to incorporate when designing. It creates a balance. The color of the flooring should contrast with the color of the walls. For example, if you have dark walls, light colors are best. On the other hand, light-colored walls pair best with dark flooring.

When there’s too much of a dark color, it can shrink the space. Developing a contrast between the walls, floors, and even the furniture can make the space appear larger than it truly is without restricting you to just one light hue.

An Extra Tip To Keep in Mind

Another helpful tip is if you have a smaller space, using one type of flooring throughout can make the area feel larger and more connected. Not every room is part of an open-concept home constructed to perfection. Sometimes, you must do the work on your own to create the illusion of an open space.

Flooring is a tool to make this happen. If you want a type of flooring to make a room look bigger, remember the usefulness of large tiles and wide planks. They’ll make an incredible, undeniable difference in your home.

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