4 Well-Known Myths About Hardwood Flooring

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4 Well-Known Myths About Hardwood Flooring

Everyone has different opinions about which types of flooring materials are the best. Among these various notions, it’s challenging to decipher which ideas are facts and which ones are myths.

If you believe hardwood flooring might be right for your home, read these well-known myths to discover the truth about hardwood flooring.

“Hardwood Floors Are Incredibly Delicate.”

All flooring succumbs to scratches and worn-down appearances over time. It’s an inevitable part of life!

Hardwood floors have a reputation for being high maintenance and prone to dents, scratches, and rot. While there is some truth to these features of natural wood floors, it doesn’t mean that hardwood is delicate by any means.

Natural wood flooring is stronger and more durable than the average type of flooring. It can last for decades with the right type of care. All you must do is use microfiber cloths for cleaning, apply as little water as possible, and always fully dry the surface when you’re done. The timeless and reliable properties of hardwood flooring are the reason this material will never go out of style.

“Hardwood Is Unsuitable for Children and Pets.”

Another well-known myth about hardwood flooring is that if you have children or pets, you should avoid installing natural hardwood. Children make messes, and pets run amuck with their sharp claws. Scratches, water spills, and stains may appear over time. However, it’s entirely possible to have hardwood floors in a home with children and pets.

When you want items that you love to last, you take extra precautions. Add floor runners or rugs in high-traffic areas. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed to prevent deep scratches in the wood’s grain. If accidents do occur, keep a handy supply of wood polishes and waxes ready to make any scratches fade away instantly.

“Hardwood Floors Will Easily Succumb to Rot.”

It’s established that natural wood can break down and begin rotting when exposed to excessive moisture. That’s why many homeowners refuse to put natural hardwood in kitchens. While it’s true that too much moisture will cause wood to rot, it shouldn’t be a concern if you avoid enormous amounts of water.

Spilling a small cup of water or splashing drops onto the floor when cleaning dishes won’t disintegrate hardwood. Dry the affected area as soon as possible. If you let the water soak into the wood, it may gradually impact the wood’s integrity. Nevertheless, it’s highly unlikely that a few quickly cleaned spills here and there will cultivate rot.

“It’s Impossible To Refinish Old Hardwood Flooring.”

On many occasions, the wood’s finishing will fade before the integrity of the wood falls apart. When homeowners see that their hardwood floors look terrible, they assume they need entirely new flooring. Despite the appearance, it’s more likely that the floors only need refinishing.

Refinishing wood floors means that you still have high-quality hardwood floors, but they need some extra TLC. Allow the experts to sand the existing hardwood, remove the dust, then apply wood stains and finish to complete the project.

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